Cold as Ice

My favorite thing about winter: it is the one time of year where too much is never enough. I love that more is more, and bundling up is totally acceptable.

Favorite Winter Pieces

1-      Soft Silhouettes.  I love LOVE love texture this winter. I am trying to purchase things that feel warm and look soft. Adding texture to an outfit really gives comfort and warmth to a look.

2-      FUR. Not that I am in the business of furs, but I do love to fake it. A great vest, fur scarf OR glamorous coat can work if you’d let it. (Please Note: Full coats can only work in the coldest of places, and all other furs should atleast look real –do it right! c’mon folks!)



3-      LONG COATS!—Kimye got this right this season sporting their his and her long coats. I love a long coat not only is it a fabulous first impression, but it also is extremely practical in cold weather because it covers more of your body and protects it from the elements.



4-      A great pair of boots! “Short ones, tall ones, ones as big as your leg!”

5-      Long Sweaters paired with leggings and boots. A classic day to day look. Comfort at its best.




***SCARVES- Layer up the scarves this season. Go for texture, color and length. The longer the scarf the better. Or for an added bonus try doubling up to totally different scarves.

Remember this season: MORE IS MORE layer it up, bundle up and for god sake stay warm!

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