Cheap Treats

10 of the cheapest ways to treat yourself.

Sometimes in life, days can seem overwhelming. If you are anything like me, you wish that you could work less, do what you love more, make more money, take better care of yourself, relax more and live a better healthier life. If that is not how you feel, well then consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Since a new season is upon us, I have been doing a lot of soul searching about how I can get the most out of what I have. Making the most of the life I already live, regardless of circumstances that are out of my control.

This is a positive and interesting test I am hoping to achieve- that being said. I have started to compile a list of the top things to treat yourself to without going broke.

#1- Treat yourself to a longer day by doing nonother than putting away all electric devises and shutting off your tv.

#2- When you feel the itch to shop do one of two things- take yourself thrift shopping, you will never overspend, and will probably find less must haves. OR go on a clearance hunt, looking for steals you just cant live without priced well below retail on the back racks of your favorite stores

#3- In the mood for a spa day or mani pedi- hit up groupon! Or DIY!

#4- Purchasing one new beauty product can really brighten your day, weather a face cream or lipstick, try treating yourself to one new beauty product.

#5- Invest in fresh herbs – I find that by adding my own mint to my beverage or rosemary to my meal, I feel fancier than I would otherwise.

#6- Take a bubble bath, complete with music and a good read. This is my favorite way to unwind.

#7- Wear your favorite piece of clothing/accessory. Often, we wait on the right moment to never come, but feeling like a million bucks is important everyday. Throw on your favorite pieces for a personal confidence boost.

#8- Play your favorite music all day long, sing and dance accordingly.

#9- Try to remember what your favorite thing to do was growing up, then try to make time to do it again. So many times, we lose ourselves in work and the busyness of life, but thinking back to hobbies and events we loved while we were carefree, should def be incorporated to our lives now.

#10- Day dream more—another easy way to keep yourself inspired is to stop and think about what it is you would love to do one day, whether an occupation or vacation. Thinking about what it is you dream of doing and then how you can make your dream possible. It is never to early to jot up a business plan.

What are your ten?



2 thoughts on “Cheap Treats

  1. Hmmh, it feels like you just exposed my lifestyle habits on your blog with this post. 😀 Absolutely love it! I’ve done eight of the tips and I can assure you that they worked! Cheers

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