finger paint

I have always been a simple gal– not with my attire but always with my makeup and nail polish. Growing up my mother would not even let me get my nails painted until I entered middle school, and to this day I can count on my fingers, how many times I have gotten my nails done or even walked into a nail salon.

Although the beauty regiments have passed me over, I feel now that I have greatly missed out on the beauty concept that other girls develop and abide by through their lives.

Oddly, as I look to turn 26 this week, I have sworn to myself that the days of chipped and cracked nail care are behind me. I am vowing to grow up and take my care in my self and appearance.

So here we go- weekend gels to the rescue. Although I wanted acrylics, I figured I am too much of a mess and entirely to rough to have real nails, so I opted for a gel polish. Something that can look good and last through my crazy life.

Everytime, I go to a nail salon I try to act cool like I come all the time. That is until the nail tech can figure out why my hands are so tense or why I don’t know where to put them or what to do. — none the less, I have been to the promise land of nails and I am not returning.

Before, I have kept my nail color basic, I like clean whites and blush pinks that are not noticeable but make your nail bed look clean and fresh. And while I love that look, and will no doubt revisit it in the future. I am excited to announce my new love for nail color.

Today I chose a sparely red gel that looks pink or orange depending on the angle of light that reflects from it. Not sure how I would feel about this, I am happy to say I might be hooked on color. I think the right color like clothes, shoes and handbags, says a lot about the person you are. The fun thing about nail polish is that on any given day you could feel different and adjust the nail color accordingly.

My fav colors for the new found warm weather, are bright and bolder than ever. Inspired by fresh blooms I see around town.

I have seen the light!

bold statement nails for spring

I love a bold nail for a bold new season






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