Fashion Must Have: Fancy Tees

Nothing is more important to your wardrobe like the basic extra soft tee-

Tshirts are just one more perk to Americas new found casual style. Leisure has become a chic way of life, and pairing an easy basic tshirt with a pair of dress pants, great skirt or perfect pair of jeans is the best way to make a simple yet sophisticated statement. I like this style must have because it allows for the other pieces to shine. Jewelry becomes more impactful and so does your bottom pieces and shoes. For spring and beyond, I recommend you invest is simplicity. Being basic is back!


12 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons To Go Shopping — Dating, Fitness, Celeb Gossip & Everything College | CC

Via Shutterstock Ahh, shopping. There’s nothing quite like ripping off a new tag for the first time and wearing something new. Yet even those who can’t afford to buy something (aka me) will still browse the racks or go online to look around just because. In fact, 50 percent of millennials admit to doing so. Yet here’s…

via 12 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons To Go Shopping — Dating, Fitness, Celeb Gossip & Everything College | CC

Incredible Women—

How incredible are women? With each big life altering event that we deal with as women, I am reminded of how strong females are. Our bodies are absolutely remarkable. Willing ourselves to be awake and present all day with out hesitation with our newborn baby. Not only have we carried and curated these little humans. We also get to bring them in the world, pushing  out these little angels and then nursing  them from newborn to baby and baby to toddler. We produce all their food and get to teach them how to be and function in this world. We get the honor of taking care of them and allowing them to be innocent and grow up slowly. We do this All while working full time and taking care of house/husband and home.

True super hero’s do not just stop vigilantes in the night, we also  spend our days caring for the people we love and maintaining a sense of self .

3 week post partum check in-

Prior to March 21 I was so eager to getting my maternity time. Thinking gosh, I will get to do all these things I have been waiting to do and haven’t had time to do…

I have never been more mistaken.

After three weeks home, I am know coming to terms with the fact that I will only spend quality time with my little guy, daughter, husband and self verses running around doing projects for ten weeks. And oddly enough, I am more than okay with this! I have enjoyed this time with these funny crazy loves I get the honor to call family.

Maternity leave is truly just that, time that I get to mother my kids without interruption.

I guess when it has been over five years since you birthed and took care of a new born you certainly do forget how wonderfully demanding caring for a newborn is.

In my head, newborn’s slept all the time.

WRONG. Not only do new born not sleep for longer than a college cat naps, my little hunk loves to be held too.

The blessing of being obsessed with this little guy, means he hates being set down and loves our body heat. Leaving zero time for any other activity, and it isn’t like I would rather be doing anything else anyway.

But because I have a five year old would is very demanding,

I have actually become quite the one handed bandit around the house learning to cook and clean (only soap and water not cleaning supplies) with my one good hand while cradling this little guy with the other.

While constantly awake, I am still beginning to feel like the days are so short. Being a mother is a full time job for sure. Plus with my little new born, I am a full time pumping machine, if he is sleeping I am trying to one handed clean and cook, getting my daughter food, bathing etc. (basically just the necessity to stay clean and keep my family fed).


Wouldn’t Trade it for the World