The working girl cooking chronical …4/26/16

Being on maternity leave has been the tops! The funniest part is spending this time with my newborn and family but I have also enjoyed being able to cook for my little house hold. Now I have always been able to cook but often go for the quick meal instead of incorporating the love like I have recently had time for. 
Today I made my husband egg whites and I just had coffee and a Starbucks refresher . (All hopped up on caffeine) 

For lunch I compiled two spinach salads. In them I put crispy turkey bacon, Caramelized onion, grape tomatoes, egg whites for his, blue cheese crumble for mine and my favorite home made dressing —

Dressing recipe :

One part olive oil 

Two parts vinegar 

Two tablespoons of clove honey 

Garlic salt

Pinch of pepper 

Sprig of rosemary 

This is an easy and delicious addition to any salad, it is light and tasty and I normally keep it for a week at a time in a mason jar for added authenticity. 😉

Boom what an easy and refreshing salad just in time for spring –
For Dinner I have taken out a pound of organic skinless chicken breast. I seasoned them with garlic salt, adobo and pepper. Then tossed the breast into a plastic bag where I added two a spoonful of pre minced garlic, splash of moored orig marinade, and I cut fresh mint, oregano, basil and chives. Finely mince the herbs into a pesto looking dry mound add this into the bag. Seal and shake this up, letting the chicken set and marinade for at least 30min before grilling them to perfection. 

As a side I have ripe plaint aims that I opened and halved and threw in a skilled to brown on both sides in a layer of veg oil. 

I have also have a fresh side of spring squash that I cooked down in chicken stock With light salt. 

So easy to do, but just taking a little extra time to cut and marinade. It is so nice to make a fresh and delicious meal for my beautiful family.

delicious spring family meal




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