The working girl food chronical 5/8/2016 :Mother’s Day bliss 

Happy Mother’s Day to all my wonderful mothers! I know how hard we all work everyday to keep our family fed and happy, amongst all the other things we may be juggling.  Mother’s Day is one of the only days … Continue reading

Holiday Party 2013

I love a great party, but what I love even more than a great party …. A GREAT PARTY OUTFIT!

This season try making a statement without saying a word. Christmas is a great holiday fashion season because you are aloud to be a bit bolder with what you wear. Whether you are sparkling, shining or wearing an outfit that is bigger than life, Christmas is def. fashion’s couture season of the year. 

Five Tips to Holiday Fashion: 

1. SHOES matter, it is getting cold but this doesn’t mean we have to wear Uggs day and night. Find a flashy pump with some embellishments or even a satin gem tone finish. I love that you can wear a shoe during the holidays that you probably couldnt pull off any other time of the year, but because of the time frame glitz and glam need no invite and the flashiest of shoes can be worn with jeans and a simple top or with a great dress and a naughty cocktail. If you don’t want to wear a pump you can always opt for a great bootie with a heel, stud or print. If that is not your look an extra tall boot is always simple and sexy. 


2. SHINE– tis the season of lights and the only season that you can get away with TONS of glitter and sparkle. Now I am no year round glitz girl, but I love to shine during the holidays. Find a shiny fabric or a bedazzled jacket for a little kick. 


3. Warm is in! I love the bundled look when its cold outside. Even if you have a hot hot dress for the night, do NOT forget your coat. This being said, make your coat count. A basic cold weather jacket will not do. INVEST in a great jacket, something warm that looks soft and can last you years. This season a great statement coat, is an awesome investment. Try a different color, texture or pattern to give you outfit a wow factor even before people see what is underneath. 


4. GOLD : If you do not like to wear gold, learn to wear gold this year. BIG GOLD  PIECES are great to accessorize with, but you can also get a gilded skirt or blazer for great appeal. 


5. Experiment with textures. DIfferent prints. Different colors. These are all things that can seperate you from the pack this season. I love soft things, and the softer it is the better it looks. Colors are big at any time, especially in the winter. Gem tons are awesome, and you can get a lot of wear from them. Do not get caught up in blacks and red, try something different. Mix and Match your colors with patterns that are fun and interesting. Leopard is always in and matches great with almost any color scheme. ** TRY A PLAID for a little old fashion extras (but stick to one plaid piece paired with something solid)**