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Happy Mother’s Day to all my wonderful mothers! I know how hard we all work everyday to keep our family fed and happy, amongst all the other things we may be juggling.  Mother’s Day is one of the only days … Continue reading

Wear your tshirt to work day

Dressing a plain tshirt is easy and super fashionable.

Dressing a plain tshirt is easy and super fashionable.

Jazzing up a basic T

It is no surprise that my favorite piece is always something simple. I love to start each season by stocking up on plain jane basic tshirts, tanks, beaters, and thermals. Spring is no exception. I love wearing a basic tshirt that has triblend yarn interest with everything under the sun.

It is especially unique to pair a basic t with an embellished item, or something more dressy.

Three ways to wear the T

#1- Pair your tshirt with a full skirt- jazz this up with an embellished necklace or statement earring and always a lot of bracelets. Finish this with a strappy heel.

#2- Wear your tshirt under a blazer- dressing up a dress down is the best way to make a statement. Blazers are always stuffy workwear appropriate, but can breathe a new life with a fun and easy tshirt underneath. This look is easy for a color popped or embellished pump

#3 Dress Pant play down- putting on a pair of dress pants always sux. But, trying a printed straight ankle length pant with a easy tshirt is both appropriate and casual. Finish with your favorite flats

fit and flare skirt with a plain tshirt and cute denim blazer- is just perfect

fit and flare skirt with a plain tshirt and cute denim blazer- is just perfect

A great pair of slacks with a fun graphic t is playful and sophisticated.

A great pair of slacks with a fun graphic t is playful and sophisticated.



Fashion Freeze

I have never been a fancy girl. I have never been a super trendy girl. But I am a fashion girl, I shop deals but look for styles, textures and fits that not only fit the fashion mold for what is “in” but also, (and most importantly) I try to pick item in my wardrobe that fit me.


I have been using this blog as a place to share high fashion ideas and trends that have been made wearable. I like to look at beautiful things and from them I take a thought or idea on something I can incorporate into my day to day.


I work in fashion, and like many of us fashion-working warriors I dress in what I like when I go to work. Not too businessee but def. not casual, I like to call it busiendy. Business trendy. Very appropriate for my particular work place. (so I think) Either way, I was wearing my mixed patterns today, a fun star sweater with a striped spring pencil skirt ((lots going on)). I like to try new things, but keep my outfit fresh and fun… So when I was told “ you are always so colorful “ it got me to thinking. . .

More importantly it got me looking… and what I saw was depressing—Women these days in our generations 20-35years old, all look the same. Cham shirt or blouse, pretty scarf (perfectly knotted), Frye boots and or Tori Burch flats and either leggings or a ankle fit pant. Now this is a fine look, very cute very girly (I get it) but when you think about it, women are wearing this look every single day with no update or surprise. When did our generation get so boring? Why is wearing more color and texture in a different fit so over looked? Sometimes I feel as though many call themselves fashion forward, when really they are just standing still waiting on the next trend to come and slap them on their face.


To this regard, it makes you wonder if those who are buying fashion and working in this industry are merely a mass cult of followers. I get supply and demand, but where is the originality in it all? Where is the personal taste?


For me I like to take a trend I know and love, and add my own flare. I throw on a funky boot with a fancy outfit or add a fun sweater with a pretty skirt, I like to tie my scarves in odd ways and layer them with each other for dramatic effect, but more importantly I like to commit to what I wear by wearing something that fits my personality. — & THAT my friend’s is what personal style is.

Don’t be a victim.                                                        Image



For fall fashion week, london fashion goers strutted their stuff through the street in effortless looks that I love. I think the effortless trend is one that is comfortable, sporty and fem all rolled into one, I love it. Check … Continue reading

Cold as Ice

My favorite thing about winter: it is the one time of year where too much is never enough. I love that more is more, and bundling up is totally acceptable.

Favorite Winter Pieces

1-      Soft Silhouettes.  I love LOVE love texture this winter. I am trying to purchase things that feel warm and look soft. Adding texture to an outfit really gives comfort and warmth to a look.

2-      FUR. Not that I am in the business of furs, but I do love to fake it. A great vest, fur scarf OR glamorous coat can work if you’d let it. (Please Note: Full coats can only work in the coldest of places, and all other furs should atleast look real –do it right! c’mon folks!)



3-      LONG COATS!—Kimye got this right this season sporting their his and her long coats. I love a long coat not only is it a fabulous first impression, but it also is extremely practical in cold weather because it covers more of your body and protects it from the elements.



4-      A great pair of boots! “Short ones, tall ones, ones as big as your leg!”

5-      Long Sweaters paired with leggings and boots. A classic day to day look. Comfort at its best.




***SCARVES- Layer up the scarves this season. Go for texture, color and length. The longer the scarf the better. Or for an added bonus try doubling up to totally different scarves.

Remember this season: MORE IS MORE layer it up, bundle up and for god sake stay warm!

“Don’t change t…

“Don’t change to fit fashion, change the fashion to make it fit you.”

The best advice to describe being fashionable is simple. . . Fashion is a art, and just like the finest painting, fashion may be expressed in different ways by different people. I firmly believe there is not right way to wear clothes. Trend will come and go, and what I love is that everyone will have their own take on it. I think this is why I am drawn to the fashion industry. I like that everything is up for interpretation, and from the buying end … it is even more interesting to analyze how trends generate into sales. 

When people ask me for fashion advice, I am often leery to give solid fashion answers to the question of “what do I wear.”  Truth is there is no right answer to what to wear. Everyone is shaped differently, has different tastes and looks best in different styles. I like to see what it is someone is into, and then how I can make the trend they like work for the even they are going to. The biggest accessory to looking fabulous is CONFIDENCE. If you feel awkward, it totally translates to how you look, even if you outfit is perfect… The right confidence can take a mediocre outfit to the next level, and no outfit can save you if you feel uncomfortable. 


Exploration is the key to figuring out what you like, and understanding how to make fashion and its’ trends work for you…