Fashion Freeze

I have never been a fancy girl. I have never been a super trendy girl. But I am a fashion girl, I shop deals but look for styles, textures and fits that not only fit the fashion mold for what is “in” but also, (and most importantly) I try to pick item in my wardrobe that fit me.


I have been using this blog as a place to share high fashion ideas and trends that have been made wearable. I like to look at beautiful things and from them I take a thought or idea on something I can incorporate into my day to day.


I work in fashion, and like many of us fashion-working warriors I dress in what I like when I go to work. Not too businessee but def. not casual, I like to call it busiendy. Business trendy. Very appropriate for my particular work place. (so I think) Either way, I was wearing my mixed patterns today, a fun star sweater with a striped spring pencil skirt ((lots going on)). I like to try new things, but keep my outfit fresh and fun… So when I was told “ you are always so colorful “ it got me to thinking. . .

More importantly it got me looking… and what I saw was depressing—Women these days in our generations 20-35years old, all look the same. Cham shirt or blouse, pretty scarf (perfectly knotted), Frye boots and or Tori Burch flats and either leggings or a ankle fit pant. Now this is a fine look, very cute very girly (I get it) but when you think about it, women are wearing this look every single day with no update or surprise. When did our generation get so boring? Why is wearing more color and texture in a different fit so over looked? Sometimes I feel as though many call themselves fashion forward, when really they are just standing still waiting on the next trend to come and slap them on their face.


To this regard, it makes you wonder if those who are buying fashion and working in this industry are merely a mass cult of followers. I get supply and demand, but where is the originality in it all? Where is the personal taste?


For me I like to take a trend I know and love, and add my own flare. I throw on a funky boot with a fancy outfit or add a fun sweater with a pretty skirt, I like to tie my scarves in odd ways and layer them with each other for dramatic effect, but more importantly I like to commit to what I wear by wearing something that fits my personality. — & THAT my friend’s is what personal style is.

Don’t be a victim.                                                        Image