Pastel Pocketbooks are the Very Best at Show

Happy Easter Weekend one and all I wanted to talk a little about this crush I am having with these pastel bags— The right bag is important Once you have the perfect outfit on, and the cutest shoes. The only … Continue reading

“Don’t change t…

“Don’t change to fit fashion, change the fashion to make it fit you.”

The best advice to describe being fashionable is simple. . . Fashion is a art, and just like the finest painting, fashion may be expressed in different ways by different people. I firmly believe there is not right way to wear clothes. Trend will come and go, and what I love is that everyone will have their own take on it. I think this is why I am drawn to the fashion industry. I like that everything is up for interpretation, and from the buying end … it is even more interesting to analyze how trends generate into sales. 

When people ask me for fashion advice, I am often leery to give solid fashion answers to the question of “what do I wear.”  Truth is there is no right answer to what to wear. Everyone is shaped differently, has different tastes and looks best in different styles. I like to see what it is someone is into, and then how I can make the trend they like work for the even they are going to. The biggest accessory to looking fabulous is CONFIDENCE. If you feel awkward, it totally translates to how you look, even if you outfit is perfect… The right confidence can take a mediocre outfit to the next level, and no outfit can save you if you feel uncomfortable. 


Exploration is the key to figuring out what you like, and understanding how to make fashion and its’ trends work for you…